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You can WIN & REST!!

I am EXTRAORDINARILY proud of Simone.

When she said this....I FELT THAT!!

For weeks my clients have asked me questions about Simone Biles as we discussed how the stressors of leadership and entrepreneurship impact your mental health.

As a coach, it’s been amazing to hear their growth and understanding of the concepts we discuss in our coaching conversations.

I’m HUGE on self-care, self-awareness, self-worth, boundaries, and mental health!


Because honestly, I had to learn the importance of these in the valleys of personal and professional burnout.

And that’s the same place my nurse leaders are learning their lessons….in the middle of the tsunamis of change at work, increased demands in the role; working 60+ hours; juggling being a wife, mother, sister, boss; challenges in this unprecedented time during the pandemic…and…and…and….

So when they asked me what I thought…I shared:

I’m EXTRAORDINARILY PROUD OF HER - for saying NO! People often expect and put more value on your “yes” and judge your “no”. She knows what she needs and that’s the end of the story.

Your Mental Real Estate should be so expensive that no one, thing, or goal can afford it. Her decision “cost” her a lot to make, but moving forward and not making that decision - would’ve “cost” her even more.

There’s so much judgment and ridicule about this, but none of us know her story…and it’s none of our business. You can’t speak to it until you have gone through it. None of us know what it’s like to walk in her shoes. I believe that we should all live for an audience of 1 That’s the only opinion of you that should matter.


After she TOOK TIME TO REST....

Sis came back and did THIS!!!

Moral of the story....

The best investments you could ever make…are in yourself, especially your mental health. Taking the time you need to take care of yourself shows uncompromising strength.

She’s the GOAT! No matter what! Whether she competed or not!!

God gives us our name…and titles....people don’t.

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