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Transform your organization.

Does your business or organization need a health boost? It's been proven that healthy lifestyle choices positively influence productivity, problem-solving skills, and relationships.


As a transformational life coach and doctorally prepared educator, I love to inform and motivate for results. My workshops will be customized to meet the needs of your organization and build an infectious spirit of engagement in healthy behaviors.

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popular workshops & talks

Developing a Healthy Lifestyle

Learn the basics of establishing and maintaining a healthy diet & creating an exercise routine that works for you.

T.R.Y. (Transform & Renew Yourself) Again

Discover & eliminate the self-sabotaging mindset which keep you from adopting and maintaining a holistic, healthy, and purposeful life--in spirit, mind, and body.


Self-care IS


We are living in unprecedented times where self-care is no longer optional, but essential. Essential employees, especially healthcare workers will learn what self-care is, why practicing self-care isn't selfish and why it is a necessary component to their health-care regimen.

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the transformation impact

Dr. Shannon is enthusiastic, heartfelt, genuine and highly effective. Her passion for holistic care keeps her clients engaged and excited about renewing themselves.... mind, body and spirit.

— S. Goode, Virginia Beach, VA

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