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"The Water Of Life"

Whew Chile!!! I got CHILLS when I read the review that one of my customers left on social media:

💝”Just read yourself eBook. It was the water of life for me today. Will be following.”

That made my day...and it reminded me of when I have used such a phrase in my life...

Although I am not 100% sure if our words aligning with a similar feeling, but the "water of life" feeling has been felt several times in my life...just in the nick of know, on one of those HARD...BAD..."character building days" where NOTHING went right...everything went LEFT AND WRONG!!

I remember the "water of life" feeling from:

  • Reading a passage in a book (my most current one being "The Mountain is YOU" by Brianna Wiest)

  • Listening to an encouraging message on YouTube (I have MANY MANY faves including Dr. Eric Thomas, John Maxwell, and Pastor Sarah Jakes-Roberts)

  • Seeing an inspirational quote on social media...

  • Receiving a kind word or devotional from a family member or friend

  • Seeing a beautiful sunset that takes your breath away

  • Having that intimate, but not intimate moment of connection with bae that takes your breath away (keep it PG people lol)

All of these things are things that I could've MISSED, if I hadn't taken the time to ENJOY them.

Oftentimes I find myself BUSY...meaning "active and in hot pursuit of my goals", but unaware of the beauty of the journey, because of the intense focus on the destination.

Over the last few weeks I have tons of downloads of my new eBook and I couldn’t be more excited for my clients who have started on their #selfcare journey.

Here are some of the other comments I have received:

💝”Great inspiration informative read”

💝”I finished it while I was doing my bike workout and enjoyed every minute”

TODAY I challenge you to have your own..."water of life" moment...I promise you that if you look for may not have ever had one before today...but you will find one...or make one. The choice is yours.

If you want that water of life feeling from reading my eBook... check out Self-Care Secrets for Superwoman...And THE BEST part's FREE :)

To download a free copy go:

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