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Do you know that YOU are the light that shines in darkness?

Amidst all of the craziness going on in the world...I am always honored to meet people who SHINE BRIGHT no matter the situation or their personal circumstances.

As I was talking to one of my clients last weekend…it was a beautiful thing to watch him come to this realization!

He’s an amazing leader in his field, extraordinarily knowledgeable, works hard but is TIRED….EVERY DAY! 😫😴

Like BEYOND EXHAUSTED…and as I listened to him talk about his schedule, work, the love of his life, kids, grandkids, etc… I noticed that the only time he was TIRED was when it came to going to work.

He was SUPERMAN and probably busier on his days off…but being in that element gave him energy fueled by purpose and love ❤️

During our session, he decided that in this season it was time for a shift….it was time for him to take the steps he was afraid to take - in the direction that he so desperately wanted to go.

Getting his certifications and licensure to start his own business and work toward time freedom and increased income…and to work without feeling like he was working 💪🏾🙏🏾💝

I’m sooo proud and I am always inspired by those who are not afraid to pivot and take the hard, but brave steps toward loving the life they have always dreamed of!

He is choosing to be THAT LIGHT - DAILY...and walking in his purpose...100% of the time.

Not just going to a job that he hates, because he is good at it...settling for that corporate rat race.

He wants freedom! Time FREEDOM! and FINANCIAL FREEDOM...and he's going to go get it!!

If you are BURNED OUT...think about WHY? Is it time for a professional disruption...meaning moving on to another department or another organization...maybe a new career path? Are you happy within yourself? Are you physically healthy? Are you happy in your relationships?

WHAT IS IT?? Only YOU can answer that question!

If your light is dim...the good news is YOU can determine what WATT you want to shine at...40 or 100!!!

But never forget that YOU are in control of how and when your light shines...

Make sure it shines bright 24/7!

Happy TRY AGAIN Tuesday!! Have a blessed week!

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