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"My Mission is to empower women to achieve the highest level of success and holistic health which creates a ripple effect that TRANSFORMS the world."


Dr. Shannon Harrington, Ph.D., MSN, BSN, RN completed her undergraduate education at Old Dominion University and holds graduate degrees from the University of Virginia; a Master’s in Nursing with a concentration in Health Systems Management, and a nursing doctorate.  After graduating with her Ph.D., Dr. Shannon studied nutrition and exercise interventions for African American breast cancer survivors as a post-doctoral research fellow with a joint appointment at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Cancer Center/UMass Boston. Dr. Shannon has over 19 years of nursing experience in acute care and academia. In addition to conducting research and teaching, she has been a keynote speaker at national conferences as well as college graduations. She has also been an invited motivational speaker to many regional and national events and conferences. ThROUGHout the course of her life, TRAGEDY opened the doors to TRIUMPH and TRANSFORMED HER LIFE. While completing her Master's degree-her 48-year-old stepfather died from a hospital medication error three days after Christmas. Twelve hours before graduating with her Ph.D., her 58-year-old father died from a massive stroke.

Within the next 11 months after the death of her father-her maternal grandfather and grandmother died. Throughout the pandemic, she lost 18 family members and friends and fought COVID personally - with her elderly mother. 


Although she has endured tremendous adversity throughout her life, Dr. Shannon found strength in God, as her weaknesses were made perfect in His strength (2 Corinthians 12: 9-10). Relying on God made her face adversity head-on and these experiences introduced her to herself; the strong, resilient woman who she never knew was buried deep inside. The former, depressed, discouraged, suicidal, insecure woman TRANSFORMED into a new woman after she discovered her purpose in life. Her purpose was inextricably linked to her passion for helping others in their time of need and offering structure, support, and accountability throughout their journey toward achieving extraordinary success in every area of their lives. Simply put, faith and fitness saved her life.


Dr. Shannon finds immense pleasure in encouraging, inspiring, and motivating others to have gratitude and relentlessly pursue healthy living and chase ALL of their dreams EVERY-day. Through coaching, she helps others peel back the layers of “mental and physical weight” that contribute to their obesity and unmet dreams, as well as provides a hands-on and team-oriented approach to helping them progress through their weight-loss journeys and entrepreneurial endeavors. Coaching enables her to unite her passion for caring for and teaching people as a nurse professor and implement many of the behavioral health interventions she studied and designed as a nurse scientist.


Dr. Shannon invites you to join her as a success partner if you are tired of being tired; ready to drop the "mental and physical weight" that prevents you from accomplishing your goals, and have the DNA (determined natural ambition) to learn, grow, and build a healthy and successful life and business. Even if you have tried before, you haven't tried Dr. Shannon; contact her NOW and let's T.R.Y. AGAIN!

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