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Self-Care or Funeral Arrangements

As I prepare for day 2 of the self-care challenge (You can still join BTW) :)

I’m reflecting on the many many stories I’ve heard this week about women and the various needs for self-care. Last week I shared with a group of mamas & wives - why they need to take care of themselves…💝

TBH…it baffles me that I have to convince people that taking care of themselves is OKAY!! Like, necessary and not a selfish act.

These mommas had superwoman syndrome and “ain't have time for taking care of themselves”…and I asked a REAL QUESTION!

If your child’s life and husband’s life were dependent upon YOU taking care of YOUrself…WOULD YOU MAKE TIME to do it?

And…of course, I got a resounding YES; absolutely!!

And I told them…well…IT DOES!

You can’t take care of them if you don’t take care of YOU!

And…that’s the truth…

Self-Care is a layered concept, which I once thought was very selfish and simple…


I was burned out and broken down from life AND work…and in order to pick up the pieces of both….I HAD TO MAKE A CHANGE!

So…in 2017….right in the middle of 60-80 hour work weeks…building a new business…traveling twice a month…and at any point in time - having 2000 people who had access to me personally or as my professional responsibility….I HAD TO STOP…BREATHE…and TAKE CARE OF ME!!

Learning from one of my coaches the importance of #selfcare saved my life (and others lol 😂) and taught me to balance work-life integration, and boundaries…when necessary!

Daily my team and I have the honor of teaching what I learned and what I practice DAILY…as to save the next generation of SUPERWOMEN (and men 😉) who risk burnout, disease, and death from taking care of everyone….BUT THEMSELVES!

Please take care of yourself…and your body…if you don’t….where are you going to live? 😘

The more I learn about the importance of #selfcare both the risks of not taking the time for it, compared to the benefits of having a #selfcareroutine or #selfcarepractice the more I’m convinced that nurses and many other professions normally don’t make the time for self-care…but are usually forced to find the time - on the heels of illness and major health crises.

The “cost” of making the time, far outweighs the “cost” of not…

We must prioritize our own holistic self-care…PERIOD!

....and I’m Uber excited to take this journey with some amazing women...and YOU too if you join us TODAY!!

SN: I met with one of our sponsors yesterday and their giveaway is AMAZING!

We will have 12 weeks of fun, intentional self-care, and candid conversations led by my amazing team of the coolest doctors and nurses you would ever want to meet!

So...see you soon!

Your sister in self-care!

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