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“From CNA to PhD” explores the journey of Harvard educated, Dr. Shannon Tucker Harrington, RN, BSN, MSN, PhD, CNE. Dr. Harrington shares her story of “becoming” an educated, professional woman and uses a unique twist on the nursing process to explain her story in 6 simple steps. Her story is one of overcoming personal tragedy, and negative self-perception in order to grow through everything she went through. Throughout her academic journey, she developed a growth mindset and resilience that enabled her to accomplish extraordinary things in the nursing profession, including attaining the terminal degree in nursing and a Dean’s position at a major university. Dr. Harrington’s story will inspire and empower you to pursue academic and professional excellence. She explains how it does not matter where you have to start your educational journey, it starts with you-knowing who you are and what you want! Her story illustrates how with hard work, dedication, and faith in yourself, you can accomplish ANYTHING!



This book is going to exist as the Cultural Soul of Generation's of ours and other Nation's. You have given Power to Voice, Steeped in the Reality of your words and experiences; and you are therefore, a willing advocate and catalyst, and part of the collective consciousness for change. With that, there is no way that ANY person reading this book cannot  KNOW and FEEL your Passion about your Purpose so deeply.

The intellect with which you use the nursing process, ADOPIE enables me to walk down and through the path of moral complexities, degradation, inspiration, and contemplation of real-life circumstances, as a basis for understanding the greater significance and context to effect a positive change in my own life despite my circumstances, in such a way that is effective and critical for improving one’s Station and quality of life and ultimate growth.

You provide those moments of clarity to really envision the focus of nursing care as a WHOLEistic one encompassing the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of care into that of our own Self-care.

You WRITE provokingly & articulately toward substantive & sustained change for yourself that is easily transferable to and for the reader, their family, and community, as well as an equitable National community and humankind. There is no doubt that you had to release this book now. The context and clarity of vision makes me ask, “when is the next one coming?” Bravo Brillianaire, Bravo!

~Angela S. Hinton, EMHA, MBA, PMF, DFMC2



The nursing process only applies to caring for patients...WRONG! The use of the nursing process to not only serve as a guide for pursuing a career in nursing but to explain developing oneself is ingenious! It’s written in a way that ANYONE can
understand and relate to, so it truly goes beyond nursing. This book brings to mind the saying, “I don’t look like what I’ve been through.” Often times we see those who have attained success and wish we could be living our best life too! Dr.
Harrington’s story addresses the misconception that success equals the perfect life. She paints a realistic picture of the struggles she’s endured, the growth she has experienced, and the continued determination and faith that has driven and
continues to drive her to attain her success. As a nurse, I am in awe of her dedication to our profession. As a child of God, I see this as her testimony and I praise God with her. And as her friend, I’m proud of the woman she has become–
one who continues to use her story to help and inspire others.

~ Darsha Bowie, RN, BS, BSN, MSN



This is an amazing contribution to the profession of nursing. Your journey leaps off of every page, and I am honored to know you.

~ Denetra Hampton
Founder, For Nurses by Nurses Productions



Dr. Harrington’s story is both personable and inspiring! Her story shows the heights that one can achieve within the nursing profession and encourages one to “dream bigger.” She is proof that nurses are not only essential at the bedside, but
also within practice, research, and a variety of other areas. Dr. Harrington encourages readers to soul-search and find their true purpose while also giving them the permission to truly dream. What an inspiration to go beyond, “What is
my purpose in life?” to “What is God’s purpose for my life?”

 ~ Dr. Shaughanassee Vines, DNP, CNM
                                                                                                                                                     CEO - HealthyHER Center for Women’s Care                                                                                                        

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