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Worth the Climb


Last week I did a thing.

My friend and I walked the Jordan Bridge in Chesapeake, VA. This bridge is deemed, “THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE OF THE SOUTH” because of its Amazing Views and Unique Experience.

Per our visitors' guide, it’s the region's tallest bridge connecting Chesapeake to the city of Portsmouth across the Elizabeth River's Southern Branch and offers sweeping, panoramic views from its soaring architectural curves.

At the very top of the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge, it is 169 feet!! You can see for miles in every direction and just below you lies the Elizabeth River, which stretches as far as the eye can see.

This modern marvel is higher than the Brooklyn Bridge and slightly lower than the Golden Gate Bridge. It is the highest bridge in Coastal Virginia, and the only bridge in the area that can be navigated by car, foot, or two-wheels.

A round-trip of the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge is about 3 miles and takes an hour to complete on foot.

This experience taught me several things about life and leadership:

I was afraid and scared to death to walk that trail up that high in the air…and I felt like I would fall, just thinking about it…while I was standing in my home

BUT…my friend said they would do it with me and that they had done it several times before…walking, and biking. Sooo…doing it afraid, and having someone with experience to help coach me through it - was priceless and gave me the encouragement and support that I needed to complete and enjoy the climb.

The journey reminded me AGAIN about the steps of our lives, trusting the process…and the climb to get to the top of anything…

The view from the top is always beautiful…but you have to CLIMB and trust the process to get there

I really need to have my head checked for the crazy workouts and outdoor adventures I’ve been fearlessly taking these days (and by fearlessly I mean…scared to death, but doing it anyway!)

Moral of the story…

DO IT AFRAID! And keep climbing….the view from the top is amazing!

For more information about this bridge...check it out here:

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