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Self-Care September

As we prepare for crisp, cooler air and pumpkin EVERYTHING… it’s a great time to welcome fall with a renewed commitment to taking care of ourselves. The greatest harvest comes after you have sown and nurtured a seed. Seeds normally take seasons to yield fruit, yet the fruit of Self-care almost instantly yields an abundant return.

I’m super excited about two things....

1. I am BEYOND STOKED to hold my first challenge with my doctor and nurse friends…a 12-week self-care challenge for “nurses and friends” to hold us all accountable to self-care in the fall and winter season.

I’m grateful for our sponsors and the goody goodness the team is cooking up for all participants.

For only $5/Week…this entire experience will be a STEAL 😍😍😍

I spend more a day - on Starbucks coffee

For more information....

And....2. I am SUPER EXCITED about the re-launch of my transformation course.

Check it out and...

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