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It's the Results For Me!!

Happy Friday!!! I want to take a moment to celebrate all of the WINS that “The TOTALLY TRANSFORMED Nurse Leader” course students have achieved over the last 3 months… Promoted from Level 1 to Level 2 in online teaching $5K salary increase $20K salary increase $40K salary increase Enrolled as a DNP student Enrolled as a Ph.D. student Passed NCLEX after failing 4 times Nurse entrepreneur- launched new esthetician business Nurse entrepreneur - launched new health and wellness business Healed from childhood trauma Lost 20 pounds Lost 30 pounds I believe that holistic Selfcare and leadership are essential in every nurse leader's journey. That’s why my course covers diverse content that challenges the learner to grow but just professionally, but personally as well. I’m in awe of what happens when learners APPLY what they learn and are held accountable for execution. Many nurses KNOW what to do…but for some reason - get in their own way of extraordinary achievement. Congratulations ladies!! I couldn’t be more proud!! You learned you grew, you stretched….and you LEAD!! As nurses, we can DO IT ALL!! All we need is the blueprint! And I’m grateful to share my wisdom and experience with students who are READY!! As the saying goes…when the student is ready…the teacher always appears Class is in session!! Join us TODAY!!!

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