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From Bedside Nurse to Business Owner

Whew Chile….the smile on 31-year-old me….😁

Who was disappointed that she didn’t meet “her goal” of getting her Ph.D. before 30…🙄

Who had NO IDEA what was around the corner for her career, life, future academic journey….or anything…


He knew that even though 31-year-old Shannon was grieving the death of her 58-year-old father at her graduation who passed hours before….

She was BECOMING….🐛🦋

BECOMING something that He couldn’t show her because she would have to WALK and TRUST that her steps were ordered and prepared in advance….

I know I'm not the only one who has a "timeline" for every major milestone that she wants to hit...and not often consults God about the "when"...or "if I'm ready"? :(

Sad to admit...but I can say now that - I know that I can make my plans, but God orders my steps...and often the steps that He orders do not always align with what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it, or how I wanted to...


As the "creator of the universe" and all....I have had to learn to live in complete surrender...knowing that my heart's desires and life has already been prepared...I just need to buckle up and enjoy the ride....and get over the disruptions and distractions...because according to Romans 8:28....they all work for my good...

And they have....

As I look back at that picture of me trying on that HUGE - HEAVY…$800 robe 🙄- WITH PRIDE….I’m sooo proud of my personal ride through nursing from the bedside to business owner and I shared my story on Tuesday at UVA’s School of Nursing Page - Alumni Takeover on IG - a few weeks ago....go check it out!

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