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Boss or Life's Employee?

Happy Monday!

As we get this week started...amazingly...I love this quote!!

Honestly, for so long I was life's employee!

Ugghhh!! I hate to admit it..but the only aspect of my life that I had self-discipline and self-worth was in my academic and professional career.

And...because that is where my energy and blessings flowed in that area.

Now that I have learned and apply the principles of self-discipline throughout many areas of my life...and I am intentionally focused on my growth - holistically...I now reap the blessings of being the CEO of my life.

That is amazing and took the work and help of many mentors, trainers, TRUE friends, thousands of dollars of investing in personal development...and daily application of what I have learned.

In this season, I'm grateful for my village! Those clients who trust me with their journey and accountability. And those who not only love and support me but hold me accountable to being the very best version :)

Here are the questions I asked myself and my top 3 tips for being the CEO of my life!

  1. What is your vision for your life?

  2. What do you want and what do you not want?

  3. What are you willing to do to get it?

Tip #1:

Answering these questions will help you get CLARITY around what you need to COMMIT to doing in order to be the CEO of YOUR LIFE!

These questions will help you FOCUS and then the next step is deciding what action steps you need to take that will align with what your vision is.

For example, if you want to be a size 4 and you are a size have to make adjustments to your diet and exercise that will help you steadily lose weight.

Tip #2:

Once you decide what you want and what you are willing to do to get have to get moving!! You have to take ACTION!! Intentional action, daily that helps you walk in the direction of achievement. Every day will NOT be perfect or WILL HAVE "bad", I call them "character-building days"...but you have to keep going!

Tip #3:

You have to remain CONSISTENT!!!

Consistency is key!! If you keep giving up - you will keep having to start over. The more you have to keep starting over, the longer it will take you to achieve your goal!

YOU CAN DO IT!! You just have to DECIDE that YOU WILL DO IT!!

We all have an inner BOSS and CEO waiting to be unleashed...we just have to DECIDE to walk in it...

That walk starts with CLARITY, FOCUS and VISION!!

Cheering you on,

Dr. Shannon

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