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Bloom Where You Are Planted!!

Happy Saturday! Today while walking at the beach, I saw all kinds of beautiful flowers, blooming at different stages of life…. I was reminded of what Steve Harvey says about people wanting to bloom but no one wants to get dirt on them… In an interview, I heard this week he explained the differences between dirt and soil… Major differences, for the purposes of his illustration - were perspective and nutrients. The dark and dry or slightly moist areas that the seed has to endure as it develops into a beautiful flower - is never a pretty sight… The growth process… Similar to that of a human - working on anything in life that requires hard work, and time… The beauty of the flowers bloom comes after the seed was first planted, and has grown…over time. The garden of my life has flowers at all stages of bloom…and I’m just blessed to live another day/week to have another chance to water some seeds and to watch others bloom… Have a blessed weekend!

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