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10 Tips to Beat Burnout

Nurses! Nurses! Nurses!

I know we are trained to take care of others, but we will be no good to the patients we serve, the families we serve, or anyone for that matter, if we don't first take care of ourselves.

I truly believe that #selfcareishealthcare and that there are things we can do - while we work help us beat burnout!!

Here are my top 10 tips:

1. Go pee!!

I know that this may sound silly, and I shouldn't have to tell adult nurses to go pee...but NOT taking a break to do anything...especially go to the bathroom is common among nurses - whether they work at the bedside or at home. There is always a patient, student, or meeting more important, but we MUST take the time to hydrate and urinate :)


Walk off the unit or away from your computer for a minute and breathe.

There is so much power in deep-cleansing breaths!! They help regulate blood pressure and respiratory rate and help you DE-STRESS!! I SAY, "DEEP BREATHS SAVE LIVES"...THEY ALLOW YOU TO RELEASE NEGATIVE TENSION AND INHALE POSITIVE ENERGY. Give it a try!

3. Control how you start your day. Mentally prepare for the day by pouring into yourself before you pour out.

I call this my "war-room" time. And if you have seen the know what that is...

I take time every morning... at least 10 minutes (usually 30) to read the bible, pray, read my devotional, and play a personal development video on YouTube. I am intentional about starting my day with positive vibes and pouring into myself before I have to serve others.

4. Exercise

Exercise saves lives as well! It helps you stay healthy, builds a healthy immune system, feel good and look good :)

5. Meditation

Meditation and intentional listening go hand in hand for me. After I pray...I listen...I open myself up in deep surrender to receive the answers and steps that I have prayed for.

6. Control how you finish your day

Don’t carry the weight of the day to bed - do some relaxing poses, take a long hot shower or bath, listen to a meditation app (Calm - I love it); write in a gratitude journal; breath; and/or have a mindfulness moment.

7. Eat healthy snacks

This helps you feel good, look good and not have the blues after over-indulging in carbs and sweets.

8. Let it out: Vent, don’t blow up

Talk to someone you can trust when you are hurt, angry, afraid. Don't let those things get bottled up. Let it out!

9. Unplug: disconnect from social media

Taking a social media detox is one of the most liberating things I have ever done. A few years ago I withdrew from IG and FB for 6 months...and I didn't die...

I needed that time away...and when I came back, it was like I was being re-introduced to friends again...people had gotten married, had babies...etc. It was nice to "catch up", but even better to unplug!

10. Clean up your environment so you can think

Physical clutter is often a side-effect of mental clutter. You will be amazed at the renewed energy that comes along with a clean environment...that office that has new candles burning and a clean desk, and that home that smells like pine sol and you can see the floor.


I hope that these tips help...and that you take the time to do at-least one...

We are all "busy" and don't have time...but we must make time for health and wellness, or by default, we will make time for exhausted bodies riddled with illness.

Take Care, my friends! #selfcaresaturday

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