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Morkie Monday Motivation

Because…you need this amount of cuteness on a Monday morning :)

This is my fiesty and fearless Morkie, named Diamond.

And a Diamond she is….

This little one has taught me so much about leadership and personal growth…and she asked me to share:

Diamonds are formed under pressure, so never avoid the pressure process. Avoiding the pressure = averting the blessing. The pressure of escalating through corporate for promotion prepares you through the process of pressure in order to ensure that you can handle the next level while you’re at the current one.

When you jump and fall down, IMMEDIATELY GET BACK UP! Shake off the discouragement and snort if you must…but TRY AGAIN. (Mommy’s book is an awesome reminder of this )

REST SOMETIMES! There’s a time to play (i.e. play = work in doggie language), but there is a divinely orchestrated purpose for REST - and it helps you make better decisions with a clear head.

Always seek to learn everything you can about your environment! (Sniffing lol ) It makes you more valuable and comfortable no matter where you are.

Diamond says thanks for attending her #leadership class lol

But seriously, the RESILIENCE AND STRENGTH of this 4-pound dog has taught me a lot…to know Diamond is to love her….she’s everything anyone who ever meets her - needs.

Now…she’s headed to the park for #nevermissamonday to train with mommy!

Please keep her in your prayers.

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