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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Whew!! 😅😅😅😅

I had a meeting today that made me totally uncomfortable! 😵‍💫

Like…my degrees didn’t get me here and don’t matter here - UN-COM-FOR-TABLE! 😳😩😢

But here’s the thing….I requested the meeting and waited 3 months for it…

And I KNOW I needed it…but had no idea what to expect…

Although I planned and prepared for it…it went NOTHING LIKE I EXPECTED…

However, that one meeting will change my life, business and the value I am able to add to my clients, tools and strategies that I offer and will help me continue to scale my business….IF I APPLY WHAT I LEARNED!

That decision to connect with people who can take me to the next level…will bring new results and those results will transform me, my business, and the results that I can help my clients achieve.

When I learned the value of getting comfortable being uncomfortable...EVERYTHING CHANGED!

True transformation in your life, health, relationships and business, ALL REQUIRE a certain level of discomfort...and I know that it often AGAINST EVERYTHING we stand for as women - to be UNCOMFORTABLE...but even if you just compare it to the beauty of the birthing process....the labor precedes the physical blessing...and many areas of life are the same way...

You have the incubation period of carrying the blessing (baby, thought, idea, vision, dream), you have to see it all the way through its entire development...9, 10, 12, 16, 18 get to the place where it's time to give birth to the "baby"....and you have to PUSH and have a one-of-a-kind experience in the form of LABOR PAINS...before the blessing actually takes shape and is given life...

The decisions we make today will create tomorrow's results. Different results normally stem from something that has been transformed....the best place to start with the your mind!

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