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Are you Disrupted?

Happy August!! :)

In this amazing new month of opportunity and new leadership program launches, I will be posting daily at noon a "Mid-day Motivation for Leaders".

I will share various topics that I have learned about leadership, throughout my journey.

Most of the content is a sneak peek into what my new clients and students will learn in the "Totally Transformed Nurse Leader" Program!

We will start with disruption...I can't think of a better way to start the conversation about leadership....than to just dive right into what we fear and manage the most in leadership positions...especially amidst a global pandemic...


Sooo honored to be featured in this article….

I was introduced to Whitney Johnson’s work on “Personal Disruption” a few years ago. The concept was simple yet extraordinarily profound. As I learned more about the concept, I realized that it was my life’s story.

Literally, every 6 months - of my adult life…I would “personally disrupt” myself or God would take control and totally change my life. Although no disruption was a pretty process, I always committed to learning from the experience, growing, and becoming a better woman in my personal and professional life because of it.

Amidst the latest disruption, I was contacted by “Disruptors Magazine”, and man….the irony! (Really God )

I disrupted my life in 2015 and created TRY AGAIN HEALTH & FITNESS, LLC. It was my “side hustle” to do what I so desperately loved to do, and get paid for it. Coach women in life, health, nutrition, and fitness, and serve as a consultant for various nursing opportunities. Over the last 6 years, I’ve created health and wellness programs and developed over 10 courses that I never fully launched.

Now….God's given me the ultimate disruption and my business is now my full-time source that's on track to be the biggest year of my professional career. I’ve been contracted to provide the services that I’ve had for years, and train on my absolute favorite content - transformational leadership.

I share this because sometimes we sit on what someone’s waiting on… Someone needs the very thing that we carry….but for many reasons we often fail to launch.

But… I know that God gives us things for a reason….and I am where I am and who I am because I’ve always allowed God to Disrupt my life so that He could Direct my destiny. I wish that for you too….

Check it out for more amazing information about Disruption in business, and life!

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