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Self-Care AND Success 21-Day Planner

Self-Care AND Success 21-Day Planner

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Hey sis! My name is Dr. Shannon and from one superwoman to another, I am sooo happy that you are here!! So, to make sure you are in the right place, I want you to do a check-in. (The Collins Dictionary defines superwoman as: a woman of extraordinary or superhuman powers and a woman who copes successfully with the simultaneous demands of a career, marriage, and motherhood. If this sounds like you; you’re in the right place! The fact that you’re reading this lets me know that you are SERIOUS about making this season THE SEASON that you MAKE TIME for both SELF-CARE AND SUCCESS! The truth is, you do not have to sacrifice self-care for success. You can have them BOTH, simultaneously! And you MUST practice regular self-care while climbing the success ladder in order to sustain success at higher levels. I believe that “Self-care is Healthcare” and that it is essential. Self-care is NOT selfish, but required to live a healthy, whole and abundant life. The purpose of this 21-day jumpstart is to teach you how to be a Superwoman powered by Self-Care! I know you’re ready sis, so let’s do it together! Your self-care bestie, Dr. Shannon

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