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Join the Bangin' Body Challenge!

Ladies, it’s time to get rid of that “#quarantine 15, 20, 30....” whatever you gained over the last year while we were on #lockdown! #quarantinethick ain’t cute...UNLESS you’re #thick in all the right places... (I know...cuz I had 20 pounds to LOSE - myself)

But honestly...your health is far more important than you being #snatched

#SEXY is a mindset - beyond the physical curves of your body. order to be gotta get that eating under control. #periodt

I’m sooo excited about this next challenge because I will be plugging you into my new app and sharing new tips and tricks that I’ve learned to stay in fat-burning mode, as well as continue shaping this #booty and sculpting these #abs!

Here are the details:

This will be a two-part challenge and you can participate in both or just one...

Part 1: The Warm-Up will be 14 days, fright between Thanksgiving and Christmas, to keep you MOVING and HYDRATED during the holiday season....It will go from December 5-18

Part 2: Is "Game Time" and it will be an 8-week transformation challenge starting at the beginning of the year in January 2023! The stakes are HIGH for this one...because you will be competing for PRIZES totaling $60K!!!


The Basic Challenge (Silver) Includes:

  • Fitness app with 1:1 support

  • Private FB Community

  • Personalized Nutrition Program

  • Personalized Exercise Program


If you want to step up your game and results in either challenge, you have the following options:

  • Silver: $12.99

  • Gold: $68.99 Includes Silver + 1 supplement

  • Platinum: $133.99 Includes Silver + 2 supplements

To get started TODAY complete the following:

1. Sign up for the app and complete your profile here:

2. Join the FB group "DrFitNurse's Bangin' Body Challenge -December"

3. Let's get ready to EARN those Bangin' Bodies we want and deserve!!

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