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We help busy nurse leaders enjoy a healthy lifestyle and enhance team performance

by implementing self-care and transformational leadership strategies.


P. Luteran, MSN, RN

Dr. Harrington’s insight into the ability to create a growth mindset helps one to pass that insight on to others or to internalize and seek greater growth from within. She has taught me to look at situations in ways that I never would have prior to meeting her. Growth mindset has made me stronger and without Shannon’s amazing guidance I never would have developed the insight and mindset that I have today.

One stretches to new levels and deeper consciousness when under the guidance of Shannon. She teaches one to guide others to also grow. When I work with students daily, I always encourage them to take that next big step and then cheer them on when they succeed in stretching their mindset as well. The ability to stretch oneself is exemplified through Shannon in everything that she does. It truly is an inspiration that I hope I am half as good at.

J. Howell, MSN, RN

Dr. Harrington is an outstanding leader and coach. During our first interaction, she focused on me individually- my life, my goals, my aspirations, what things are important to me. She not only coached me in the workplace but in life. Dr. Harrington is extraordinary in helping her mentees grow through adversity. She guided me through personal obstacles and helped me realize the pain was something I was going to grow through. I was so inspired by Dr. Harrington that I enrolled in a DNP program- something I had never previously planned to do! She is organized and driven, goal-oriented, and a successful change agent. I highly recommend working with her if you have the opportunity!

K. Webster, MSN, RN

Dr. Shannon Harrington is known for her innovation and versatility in growing healthcare professionals through transformational leadership and management skills.  Dr. Harrington is relational and connects with others in a way that allows individuals to gain knowledge, skills, and abilities to overcome challenges facing today’s healthcare system.  She engages others with a down-to-earth approach that is easy to understand, meaningful, and provides practical skills to implement.


If you want to be transformed from the inside out as a leader and mature in management skills, then Dr. Harrington comes highly recommended.  Prepare to be changed for the better – as a person, as a professional, and as a leader. Prepare to be transformed. 

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