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From CNA to PhD

From CNA to PhD

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“From CNA to PhD” explores the journey of Harvard educated, Dr. Shannon Tucker Harrington, RN, BSN, MSN, PhD, CNE. Dr. Harrington shares her story of “becoming” an educated, professional woman and uses an interesting twist on the nursing process to explain her story in 6 simple steps. Her story is one of overcoming personal tragedy, and negative self-perception in order to grow through everything she went through. Throughout her academic journey she developed a growth mindset and resilience that enabled her to accomplish extraordinary things in the nursing profession, including attaining the terminal degree in nursing and a Dean’s position at a university. Dr. Harrington’s story will inspire and empower you to pursue academic and professional excellence. She explains how it does not matter where you have to start your educational journey, it starts with you-knowing who you are and what you want! Her story illustrates how with hard work, dedication and faith in yourself, you can accomplish ANYTHING!

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